Summer Booking Information


Summer Booking Availability

Note, the number on the calendar indicates number of beds booked.

Availability is updated on Tuesdays by the booking officer.

Summer Booking Forms and Information

You should email the bookings officer via with an expression of interest, i.e. dates and numbers of people in your group.  Only a single group booking will be allowed, with a 48-hour period between groups in the Lodge.

The Bookings Officer will then provide a Booking Form and Waiver Form, these are to be completed, signed and returned to the Booking Officer.


There is a slight increase in Summer fees. The rates are as follows:

$20.00 per night for Members, and

$40.00 per night for Associate members

$5.00 per night for Jnr Child Member and Child of Member

$10.00 per night for Associate Child

Children under 5 are free


Members in a hot spot area are not to attend the lodge.

Refunds to be provided:

- Where the lodge is not available for use in the booking period due to COVID-19 cleaning or,

- The Member/s cancels the booking from a hot spot area.

What to bring

All bedroom linen, blankets and pillows have been removed from bedrooms. Kitchen linen has also been removed.

You should bring:

- all your bedroom linen, blankets and pillows

- all your kitchenware

- food stuffs and condiments

Assume if you want to use it, bring it


While the committee hopes you will have an enjoyable stay at the Lodge, there are two new house cleaning requirements placed on Members.

In this COVID-19 world, nothing is certain.  The committee is requesting when you arrive at the lodge, you sanitise all hard surfaces on the way in and on your way out of the lodge when you leave.  A cleaning guide will be provided on booking.

Prior to departing, you clean the lodge, leaving it in pristine condition for the next member.

A COVID-19 Safe Plan is available and will be communicated on booking. While this may be seen as an imposition, you are both protecting fellow members and the Lodge itself.

* The bank deposit details for Bookings are different to the Membership Subs payment details. Please check your payment details are correct to avoid confusion.

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