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The Return of the Monkeys....

It was back in 1970 something when the mezzanine floor was built and the monkey’s that hung from the ceiling had to go to make way for a modern more usable space for our young club.

The idea was for them to be thrown out as they were old and damaged but like many items that came into the care of my father they made their way to his shed where all things Maranatha went to wait.

I’ve searched the shed on a number of occasions as it was hinted many years ago that they where there…… and finally they rose from the depths of a corner cupboard earlier this year about a week after the last AGM.

Fortunately, it was dry, and although the odd arm, ear or foot was a little loose and needed my help to return them to their former glory, they are looking pretty good for being over 60 yrs old.

Our 3 little monkeys are back hanging about and are likely to bring nostalgic recollections to those of us old enough to recall them and maybe delight to our younger set to see these little characters overhead.

Then again, maybe all of this is just a tall story and they have been hiding for the past 45ish years in sputnik ………

Gai Curtis


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